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To support and promote student physical therapist and student physical therapist assistant clinical education and partnerships between NPCEC and clinical sites through collaboration, professional development and research.

Vision Statements

1. Promote consistency and harmony among regional academic physical therapy clinical education programs by engaging in regular communication.

2. Develop innovative strategies to respond to the dynamic world of physical therapist and physical therapist assistant clinical education through collaboration.

3. Provide resources and education to meet professional development needs as identified by regional clinical education partners and NPCEC programs. 

What We Do

Educating future physical therapists and physical therapist assistants is a skill. Acquiring this skill is similar in nature to acquiring any other skill: some are inherently good at it and some need teaching to develop it. Regardless, all clinical educators of physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students can either develop or share their teaching experiences with others. Unfortunately, not enough clinical instructors have resources to use when working with students. We are here to serve as a resource for you!

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